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New site at Roger Goode Fine Art

A final note to my subscribers at Goode Gallery Studio Journal…

As I am no longer posting to the journal at GoodeGallery.com, There will be no more messages sent from this list. From now on, I will be posting at my new site at https://www.rogergoodefineart.com/journal/, and will start a new subscriber list from there.

For your privacy and protection, I can not simply move your addresses to a new list. So if you would like to continue to receive emails for my Studio Journal, you will need to Opt In once again. It a simple process that you can do herehttp://eepurl.com/cHjN0f

In the interest of cutting down on the amount of email in your inbox, I am changing the model for sending messages. The new list will only receive weekly messages, sent very Wednesday morning. The message will collect any posts I made in the week previous. And, if there are no new posts for the week, there will be no message.

As in the past, I will be posting about current work, my painting process, and news about new available paintings.

I hope you will find this an improvement and that you will re-subscribe for my Roger Goode Fine Art Studio Journal Posts. Thank you for all your support and encouragement.

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Screens from new Roger Goode Fine Art website

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I've been building and managing websites for over a decade—including my own—but the time and effort involved has become far too much of a distraction from my primary interest… Painting. So the time...

oil painting of Pig No.1

I couldn’t resist this photo when I saw it. I mean… what a face! There’s something really joyful about this pig (although, it could just be shouting for more food…)

The initial block-in and rough follow up was loose, raw and exciting. So I...

oil painting of Butterfly on Daisy No.1

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oil painting of Trout No.1

I think this may be the most successful of the series of fish I’ve been painting. Although I’ve really enjoyed the beached fish as subjects, the colors in these fish are just wonderful.

I’m pretty sure that these are trout, but I’ll be...

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